Warm At Heart

Stopcontact presents Warm At Heart
. Your digital fireplace for the holidays. Warmth during the dark and lonesome winterdays. An ode to pre-Rock and Roll pop music brought to you in a minimalistic and romantic fashion. Stopcontact is representing the likes of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Serge Gainsbourg and many others.

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Stopcontact is a composition and performance duo consisting of Akim and Dave. Their productions vary between electropop, ambient and avant-garde music. The main theme in their works so far can be described as estrangement: estranging Casio toy keyboards by taking their childish beats and ripping them out of context, making a guitar sound like an elephant, creating a warm ambient atmosphere (but with a hint of dread at the background), or an Electronic Organ album with melodies so clear and obvious it becomes absurd. To cut a long story short, they know a problem for every solution. And that makes their music rich and their lives worthwhile.

Till Ten O'Clock Buffet

Amsterdam-­based duo Stopcontact presents its first album.
‘Till Ten O’Clock Buffet’ brings an ode to manly grief. Getting lost in a hotel, being lovesick, looking out the window with your trusty Casio. A record of comforting sadness, not very worldly, not that big of a deal.

Musically the album is built up from Casio drumcomputers and lonely lyrics. The band proclaims to be somewhere between ‘the purgatory of a Berlin underground club rising up to your grannies flowery wallpaper heaven’.


live at Splendor March, 2016

During the release of Till Ten O'Clock Buffet, Stopcontact paid tribute to one of the most influential bands in the history of music; KRAFTWERK.

Sing Love

Released September 2015. A more mysterious and romantic EP. Inspired by a series of concerts that were not in typical music venues. Playing in museums, idyllic country houses and dark underground squats asked for a more quiet and theatrical approach.

Water Clip

A mashup-clip for the song water.

Made by Hidde de Jong using open source archive footage.

ARIE - He is gans Alein but I Eend

In 2015 Corné van der Vlugt and Akim Moiseenkov scrapped together material using guitars as drums and drums as vocals and vocals as elephants and elephants as guitars. The result is an absurd and daringly loud EP.


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